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Phelps Memorial Health Center

"I can't imagine taking my family any where but Phelps Memorial Health Center. Their exceptional quality and compassionate care made my daughter feel at home."

- PMHC patient

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Exceptional Quality. Compassionate Care. Right Here.

Inspirational Messages from Team Phelps


Inpatient Nursing TeamOur outstanding nursing team at Phelps Memorial have dedicated their lives to serving our patients, family and friends. Their passion for saving lives and caring for everyone that walks through our doors is what makes them one of our greatest assets. When asked about what inspired them to become a nurse, their stories were truly touching (and emotional in some cases!).

Sheri Foster, CNA, #myINSPIREDsign

The day I jumped into a family-owned swimming pool and saved a little girl's life bringing back sunshine in their lives!!

Lori Fuller, RN, #myINSPIREDsign

When I was young, I had grandparents in their late 90s, loved visiting with them. I continued to love and take care of the older generation. I have always thought little old men with grey hair are the cutest! I also got to take care of my grandmother when she had her knee surgeries and drove around Lincoln when I was only 15 years old to her chemo and radiation treatments. Love working in a small hospital, where I can do all things. Couldn't see myself doing anything else but helping people!!! Love it!!

Heather Gray, RN, #myINSPIREDsign

After caring for my grandma with breast cancer, I felt the need to care for more people. I enjoy caring for others. It fulfills a sense of purpose in my life.

Sandy Greever, RN, #myINSPIREDsign

Reading Cherry Ames in the 3rd grade!

Liz Josjor, RN, #myINSPIREDsign

When my dad had bypass surgery in 1991, I walked in the room. I was 14. The IV tubes, monitors, BP, O2...amazed me. At that moment, I knew I would be in healthcare.

Carrie Puls, RN, #myINSPIREDsign

I wanted to be a doctor and in college I was a CNA. During my CNA class, my instructor told me I would make a better nurse than doctor and to think hard abut my career choice.

Jamie Richards, RN, #myINSPIREDsign

I always knew I wanted to help people! My grandpa called me his little nurse and I never forgot that. Nursing is SO fulfilling. I LOVE my job and feel it is a good privilege to be able to care for others.

Beth Evans, RN, #myINSPIREDsign

With the Shriner's Help, I was finally able to walk at 6 years old. I Pay It Forward with the care I give my patients.