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Phelps Memorial Health Center

"Our Mission is to provide exceptional quality and compassionate care to the families we serve. We stand by this mission every day for our patients, guests and families!"

- Phelps Memorial

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Exceptional Quality. Compassionate Care. Right Here.

Quality of Care, Patient Safety & Infection Prevention

Phelps Memorial Health Center

As it states in our mission, "to always provide exceptional quality care to the families we serve". We live by this motto every day with every patient. Phelps Memorial has standards in place that are measured and monitored to ensure the highest level of safety and quality of care possible for our patients and guests. Our standards allow us to continually improve upon the experience of our patients. We encourage you to review our stats and invite you to ask questions about our processes!

Hand Hygiene

The easiest way to prevent infection and the spreading of germs is proper hand hygiene. It is the expectation of Phelps Memorial for our teammates and medical staff to always wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before entering and before leaving a patient's room 100% of the time. We have trained teammates that monitor and track proper hand hygiene techniques to ensure our patients are receiving the highest level of protection possible. Although the team is consistently above 93%, our goal is to be100% compliant!

Medication Scanning

We began scanning medications prior to patient administration in January 2010 when we launched our electronic medical records system. The challenge was set for the team to reach a scanning rate of at least 90%. September 2011 was our first month of scanning over 95% and we haven't looked back! Our record month, set in July 2013, resulted in a scanning rate of 98.91%!!

Patient Safety

Patient safety is our top priority at Phelps Memorial. Our state-of-the-art systems have created more efficient processes in our daily activities allowing our nursing team more time to spend with patients. We benchmark our patient safety standards to those of the state of Nebraska and nationwide.

Core Measures

Phelps Memorial benchmarks our core measures against those of the state of Nebraska as well as national scores.

Patient Satisfaction

Our patients are mailed confidential surveys after their procedure or after they are discharged from Phelps Memorial. These confidential surveys help us understand things from a patient's perspective allowing our team to continually improve upon our policies and procedures.