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"The care I received from PMHC from the entire staff was wonderful. Everyone was so polite and very helpful. A great caring staff!"

- PMHC Patient

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Nuclear Medicine Diagnostic Testing

Nuclear medicine is safe and painless. With over 25 years experience, Irene Critser is certified by the Board of Nuclear Medicine Technology. Radiopharmaceuticals are used in testing to assist physicians in diagnosing and treating certain diseases and illnesses. To schedule an appointment with Irene, call 308.995.3305. A physician referral is required.

  • Bone Scans
  • HIDA Scans
  • MUGA Scans
  • Cardiolite Stress Testing
  • I-123 Thyroid Uptake & Scanning
  • Gastric Emptying Scans
  • Renals
  • V/Q Scanning
  • Gallium Scanning
  • PET/CT (mobile service)

What to Expect During a Nuclear Medicine Diagnostic Test

Guests are given a small amount of tracer, which is localized to the specific organ as ordered by the physician. The tracer collects in the targeted organ and emits energy that are detected by a special camera. The camera then produces readable images and measurements of organs and tissues. Test duration will depend on the type of procedure.

How to Prepare for a Nuclear Medicine Scan

  • Be sure to tell us what current medications you are taking. Consult with your physician as to whether or not to continue medication intake for the procedure.
  • There is no special preparation required for scans involving bones, inflammatory, lymphatic, brain, renal and pulmonary systems.
  • For gastric emptying scans, be sure to fast for at least 4 hours. Please advise the technician if you are allergic to eggs.
  • Cardiac exams, excluding MUGA, require no food or drink after midnight prior to the test. No caffeine, nicotine, nitrates or beta blockers for at least 24 hours prior to the exam.
  • There are no dietary restrictions for MUGA tests.
  • For bone scans and renal tests, be sure you are well hydrated.
  • For lung and brain testing, continue normal activity.
  • For thyroid testing, discontinue food and beverage after midnight prior to the test.
  • Gallium, consult with your physician on how to prepare for this test.
    • Day 1: After injection, begin a clear liquid diet. No coffee, tea, red jello, purple jello or dark colored soda. (If you can see your hand through it, then it is ok.)
      • At 4:00 pm: Begin the Evac*Q*Kwik Bowel cleansing kit and drink all of the liquid Mag Citrate. Start using the FLEET Enemas until clear or 9:00 pm.
      • At 5:00 pm: Drink at least 8 oz. of water
      • At 6:00 pm: Swallow the tablets whole. Nothing by mouth after 9:00 pm.
    • Day 2: Continue a clear liquid diet and FLEETS enemas until clear of 9:00 pm. Nothing by mouth after 9:00 pm.
    • Day 3: 48 hours after injection - continue a clear liquid diet and FLEETS enemas until clear. Nothing by mouth after 9:00 pm
    • Day 4: 72 hours after injection - continue a clear liquid diet.
    • When images are complete, you may return to your normal diet.