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Phelps Memorial Health Center

"I can't imagine taking my family any where but Phelps Memorial Health Center. Their exceptional quality and compassionate care made my daughter feel at home."

- PMHC patient

1215 Tibbals StreetHoldrege, Nebraska308.995.2211
Exceptional Quality. Compassionate Care. Right Here.

Phelps Memorial Health Center Oncology Services

Phelps Memorial Health Center provides comprehensive services including laboratory, diagnostic procedures, chemotherapy, and patient support. Our physicians and staff are with you every step of the way - from initial diagnosis, treatment and beyond as you enjoy life after cancer. We offer a dedicated team committed to offering you the best treatment available.

Our priority is to establish a close personal relationship with our patients. We understand that "best" means more than just administering treatment. It means treating the whole person.

Imaging and Testing

Phelps Memorial Health Center has the ability to perform many tests in an effort to minimize travel. Our Laboratory conducts tests in the clinic setting, and any tests that must be run at another site can often be drawn here. We can also complete CT, MRI, and PET scans for many diagnostic procedures. Biopsies, Bone Marrows and General Surgery are also available.

Appointments and Services

The services at Phelps Memorial Health Center are available to all who seek them. From the moment you first call our office our staff will work with you to see that your medical needs are handled with care, skill, and efficiency. Our doctors see patients by appointment only. Our office is open Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm.

Our front desk staff will help you with scheduling appointments and/or tests. Your next appointment will usually be scheduled before you leave the office. If your insurance company requires pre-authorization prior to hospitalizations or tests, it is your responsibility to notify our staff so we can make the necessary arrangements.

We understand that emergencies and special needs can occur, and we will do our very best to accommodate your special needs. If you have a laboratory only appointment and are not feeling well, do not wait until the time of your appointment to voice your concerns. Please call ahead so we can determine whether a visit is needed. We request that should you need to cancel an appointment, you provide as much notice as possible in order for us to enable another patient to see the doctor.


If you are experiencing a true, life-threatening emergency, CALL 911. Call our office only after you have made arrangements to get to the Emergency Room.

Phone Calls

During office hours patient calls are handled by our nurses. For non-emergent calls you will be asked to leave a message on voicemail. These calls will be handled as soon as possible and your call will be returned by one of our registered nurses. Everyone's call is important to us, but urgent matters will be handled first. Calls for test results or prescription refills will be handled after urgent patient needs are met. If your call is urgent, please call your primary physician.

Please remember that physicians' schedules are long and demanding. It may be late in the day before a nurse can discuss a non-urgent issue with your doctor and return your phone call. This does not mean that your call or concerns are not important to us. We do our best to return all calls by 5:00pm.

Prescription Refills

It is always best to anticipate your prescription refill needs and have the necessary prescriptions written during your scheduled office visit or treatment. If you are calling our office for a refill, please give us a 24 hour notification. Please include the pharmacy name and number in your message for a refill request.

By law, you must have written prescriptions for narcotics such as Percocet, MS Contin, OxyContin, or Duragesic, and they must be filled within 3 days of being written. That means no narcotic pain prescriptions can be made after office hours or on the weekends. No exceptions are possible because of federal regulations. We are extremely sympathetic to your needs and we want you to have the medication you need when you need them but we cannot violate the law. It is always best to anticipate and get your prescriptions written while you are being seen by your physician.

It is always better to pick up your prescriptions at our office. If we are asked to mail them to your pharmacy, we cannot guaruntee that they will arrive in the three (3) day time period to be valid. They should be picked up in person. We thank you for understanding these policies.

Please carefully monitor your need for pain medication refills and allow ample time to acquire a written prescription.

After Hours and Holidays

After clinic hours, on weekends and holidays please call the emergency room at 308.995.2211.

Insurance and Billing

An integral part of PMHC's mission is to provide care for those in need. We understand how stressful and confusing dealing with insurance matters can be, especially when you are focused on a cancer diagnosis. We have an entire team of knowledgeable staff members who strive to eliminate concerns about financial matters so that you may focus on recovery.

We will work with you to coordinate your benefits. Please bring your insurance identification card(s) with you to each visit. A photocopy will be placed in your chart. If you are covered by more than one insurance company, please let us know which company is the primary carrier. This will help to avoid any delays in receiving benefits.

If your health coverage changes, please contact the office to update your records.

We participate with most major insurance companies and will submit claims to your carrier on your behalf. We accept Medicare and Medicaid assignments; however, you will be responsible for the deductible and your co-payment for Medicare's allowed charges for physician care, chemotherapy drugs as well as non-covered laboratory tests. If you belong to an HMO or PPO plan, please verify that our physicians are in-network before your treatment begins. If your physicians are not in-network, we will work with you so that you may still have treatment at PMHC. Also, please inform our office if pre-certification is necessary with your plan. Some insurance companies require you to use a specific laboratory or to obtain referrals or pre-authorizations for office visits, hospital admissions and treatment.

It is your responsibility to obtain the initial referral and bring this with you on the first day of your first visit. If you need assistance with your insurance requirements, our staff will make every effort to help you. Co-payments are payable at the time of your visit. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. We will be happy to assist you to develop a payment plan.

PMHC staff works with patients who are uninsured or under-insured. This help ranges from acquiring free drugs, getting financial support for co-pays and connecting patients with community resources. If you are having financial difficulties due to your diagnosis or treatment, please visit with our nurses.

If you have questions please call patient accounts. They are available Monday-Friday 7:30am-5:00pm.

Last name beginning with letters: 

  • A-G:  308.995.2870
  • H-O:  308.995.2875
  • P-Z:  308.995.2874

Treatment Room Protocol

To insure the comfort and safety of our patients we ask that everyone observe the following guidelines:

  • Only one family member or friend may accompany a patient into the Treatment Room as long as there is room to accomodate
  • Food and/or drink may be brought into the Treatment Room
  • No one under the age of 16 is permitted in the Treatment Room

We appreciate your cooperation. If you have questions regarding the protocol, please talk with one of the nurses.


There are many resources that provide additional information to patients, family members, and the community regarding cancer, the disease process, chemotherapy and treatment options, and lifestyle transition and self help issues. The internet can be a valuable source of information. Listed below are sites many of our patients have found helpful.

American Cancer Society - - 800.227.2345

The ACS is dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem. Printed materials pertaining to cancer prevention, early detection and cancer treatment are available. The Kearney Office at 3808 28th Ave, Suite E can provide free wigs and help with fitting. No appointment needed. 308.237.7481.

Lymphoma and Leukemia Society - - 402.344.2242

LLS is dedicated to supporting patients with blood cancers and their families. Support groups, printed materials, community resources, and patient aid are available.

Mesothelioma Guide - - 888.385.2024

Mesothelioma Guide's mission is to guide mesothelioma patients and their loved ones towards answers, information, and healthcare solutions. 

Mesothelioma Veterans - - 877.404.9992

Mesothelioma Veterans has the privilege of helping veterans get the resources and support they need. 

American Institute for Cancer Research - - 800.843.8114

The AICR focuses on the relationship between diet, nutrition, and cancer. They provide a broad variety of education publications on the subject of diet and cancer.

National Cancer Institute // Cancer Information Service - - 800.422.6237

The Cancer Information Service is staffed by trained specialists who provide accuate answers to questions about cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis, and treatment. The CIS will also send free educational pamphlets on cancer specific to your needs.

National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship - - 866.650.9127

The NCCS raises awareness of cancer survivorship through its publications, quarterly newsletter, and advocacy for insurance, employment and legal rights for people with cancer.

People Living With Cancer -

PLWC, the patient information website of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) provides oncologist-approved information on more than 50 types of cancer and their treatments, clinical trials, coping and side effects. Additional resources include "Find an Oncologist" database, live chats, message boards, a drug database, and links to patient support organizations. The site is designed to help people with cancer make informed healthcare decisions.

Look Good Feel Better - 308.865.7985

Once a month at the Cancer Center in Kearney (10 E 31st Street), a free program is offered which teaches beauty techniques to female cancer patients in active treatment to help them combat appearance-related side effects. Free cosmetic kits are provided. Patients will also learn ways to disquise hair loss with wigs, scarves, and other accessories. Sign up by calling Connie or Lori.

Innovative Prothetics and Orthotics - (Hastings) 402.461.4931 - (Grand Island) 308.675.1508

Services available for fitting and supplies for any type of prosthetic. Examples include:  Bra fittings and prosthetic breast supplies. A provider order is required for insurance coverage. Registered Orthotic Fitters are available in Hastings (223 East 14th) and Grand Island (1213 Allen Drive).

Women's Orthotics and Prosthetics Healthcare Services, Inc. - 308.238.2230 or 888.234.3323

Services available for fitting and supplies for prosthetics. Examples include:  Bra fittings, prosthetic breast supplies, compression garments for lymphedema. They also offer wig fittings. A provider order is required for insurance coverage. Please call for an appointment.

Olivia's Salon - 308.234.5593

Located at 2025 Central Avenue in Kearney, Olivia's offers free wigs. They will also style and cut wigs to suit you by appointment only.

Joseph's College of Beauty - 402.463.1357

Located in Hastings at 828 West 2nd Street, Joseph's offers free wigs and fitting by appointment only.