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Phelps Memorial Health Center determines its “standard charges” for patient services with the use of a chargemaster system. This is a list of charges for the components of patient care that go into every patient's bill. These are the baseline rates for services provided at our facility but they DO NOT reflect the final price that patients typically pay.

The chargemaster price listed is the starting price of each service, supply, drug, etc. that is associated with the individual patient's treatment. This price DOES NOT reflect the final price that patients typically pay. Coverage plans, such as Medicare and Medicaid, do not pay the chargemaster rates. They have their own set of rates, which hospitals are obligated to accept. Commercial insurance payments are based on contract negotiations with the insurance carrier and typically do not reflect the standard charges in the chargemaster. Patients without commercial insurance or not covered by a government health care plan should contact the hospital prior to a procedure to discuss charges, alternative pricing, financial assistance and payment terms.

The chargemaster system and hospital pricing can be very complex and confusing. Prices are subject to change. We highly encourage you to contact us directly if you have questions regarding charges for hospital services. For more information, or to talk to someone about Phelps Memorial Health Center’s financial assistance policy, please call us at 308.995.2211. Additional information is also on our website.