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For many, fall events like Halloween are a time to wear costumes, go trick-or-treating, go to parties with friends, and eat sweet treats. Celebrations such as Halloween are a chance to not only have fun, but also provide healthy snack options and be physically active with friends and family. Check out the tips below to make Halloween 2023 the healthiest year yet!

Fill them up with Balanced Meals

Providing your family with nutritious meals throughout the day with plenty of fiber and protein may help curb both the intake and effects of all the sugar the kids have during the Halloween festivities. Add fiber from whole grains, fruits and vegetables, as well as protein from things like lean meat, fish or beans will keep blood sugars from rising and falling as rapidly.

Hand out healthier treats. 

  • Give out healthier treats for trick-or-treaters and party guests this year. The calories in all those bite-size treats can add up quickly.
  • Examples include cereal bars, packages of dried fruit, baked pretzels, trail mix, animal crackers, mini boxes of raisins, graham crackers, individual applesauce containers or pouches, sugar-free hot chocolate or apple cider packets, and 100% juice boxes.

Try out non-food treats. 

  • If you want to steer away from handing out food this year, children will also enjoy non-food treats, such as things you would put in birthday goodie bags. Some non-food items are suitable for all ages, but small items should be limited to kids over age three.
  • Examples include small toys, pocket-sized games, plastic costume jewelry, glow sticks, tiny decks of cards, pencils, pencil toppers, fancy erasers, stickers, bookmarks, bottles of bubbles, whistles, coloring books, or small packages of crayons.

Moderation is key.

  • Halloween is a great time to discuss the importance of moderation. Keep track of children’s candy so they don’t go overboard in one sitting. Let them pick out a few treats on Halloween night and then let them have a few pieces each day after that.
  • Show kids treats can fit into a healthy eating plan in small amounts. Combine a treat, such as fun-size candy, with a healthy snack like a piece of fruit or a string cheese.

Taming the Sugar Rush

When the sugar has taken over and you are faced with a hyper candy-crazed child, what do you do?? Get them moving! Physical activity is fueled by sugar in the blood, so movement will help use up some of the sugar in their bloodstream.