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Vacations are a great time to disconnect from everyday life, relax and treat yourself. But, it doesn’t mean your diet should go on vacation mode as well. Eating healthy when traveling can definitely be challenging. When traveling our options can be limited, making it tricky to choose healthy meals and snacks. trying new foods on vacation is a must, so keep in mind that the occasional splurge isn’t going to be detrimental to your overall diet. Check out these tips for eating and staying healthy while away from home.

Plan ahead

If you know you have a full day of travel weather in the air or on land, make sure to pack plenty of healthy snacks to last until you make it to your final destination. Items such as nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit like bananas, apples, oranges, and protein bars are great options and are super portable.

If you can pack a cooler with items such as sandwiches, pre-cut fruits and veggies, and hard-boiled eggs. Bringing your own food will make it less likely to make a greasy fast food pit stop and it will save you some cash you can put towards all the fun adventures you have planned.

Make smart choices

When eating out, choosing items that are grilled, steamed, broiled, or baked instead of fried or sautéed is a healthier option. However when on vacation we tend to want to indulge a little. So consider having lunch instead of dinner as your splurge meal. Lunch menus tend to have slightly smaller portions than the same dishes you find on the dinner menu and you’ll have the rest of the day to “burn it off” with activity! 

Don't skip meals

Let's be real - vacations are busy! Usually, the intent is to relax, but most of the time it is go go go. So, to make sure you have enough energy for your daily adventures, don't skip meals, especially breakfast. You can even book places that offer free or discounted breakfast for guests. Most of the time they have fruit, yogurt, eggs and wheat toast, or oatmeal. Steer clear of the donuts and sugary breakfast treats as they can make you sluggish.

Stay hydrated

While traveling, it can be difficult to stay hydrated but it is definitely an important healthy habit to maintain. An easy way to stay hydrated is to take a refillable water bottle with you. 

Keep food safety in mind

When traveling, one of the best parts is getting to indulge your inner foodie by experiencing new foods and cultural traditions. However, coming down with a case of food poisoning can derail your fun and the nearest restroom or local hospital may be the only site seeing you get done. 

So, to ensure you don't fall victim to food poisoning, always err on the side of caution and avoid raw or undercooked meat, fish, seafood, and eggs. While it may be tempting, food from street vendors and roadside stands should be eaten with caution. If you choose to eat these foods make sure you are buying them piping hot fresh from the grill or oven and avoid food that has been left at room temperature or has been exposed to flies to ensure your safety. Most importantly make sure to practice proper hand hygiene by washing frequently and using hand sanitizer.

Safe travels!