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 Kayla Rabe Patient Navigator Maranda Smith patient navigator

Phelps Memorial Health Center implemented a new program in 2022 as an outreach to patients specifically in the Phelps Memorial Ortho/Spine Clinic and has quickly expanded to include collaboration with those receiving services in Same Day (Outpatient) Surgery, Cardiology, and Phelps Medical Group. A patient navigator works with patients and families to help them find their way through the maze of our healthcare system.

“Our vision is that the patient navigator becomes the ‘Easy Button’ for our patients,” said Loren Schroder, Sr. Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer. “We give the patient one contact person that helps them navigate all parts of the healthcare system including general questions, appointments, billing/insurance, follow up with providers, etc.”

What does a patient navigator do?

  • Serves as a liason between patients, families and medical staff
  • Serves as one point of contact for all patient needs
  • Gathers feedback from the patient to help the team improve processes or address concerns

The Patient Navigator Success program, provided free of charge, is a great resource for anyone who needs a little extra care and assistance. Whether it’s a “time-consuming” issue or just a patient who’s confused and wants a quick walkthrough of something, the program is designed to help overcome obstacles in the healthcare system or to find resources in the same way as other expert “guides” solve problems and avoid pitfalls.

The long-term vision for this program at Phelps Memorial is to have dedicated navigators for each core service line.

If you’re experiencing difficulties with your healthcare journey, or simply have questions that need answered, please reach out to our patient navigators at 308-995-3219 or leave a message in the form below.