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The Phelps Memorial Foundation was established in 1997 to support a mission of providing a family-centered healthcare system. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization as designed by the IRS. All gifts to the Phelps Memorial Foundation Office are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law. Our Foundation is governed and supervised by the Foundation Committee which reports monthly to the Phelps Memorial Board of Directors. Since its inception in 1997, our Foundation has generously donated over $1 million to support community efforts and organizations.

Friends of Phelps Memorial Donor Wall

In honor of our many generous and thoughtful donors, Phelps Memorial Health Center created the donor wall, located in the surgery waiting area, as a way to say thank you to our friends and family. The wall recognizes gifts of $1,000 and more. Giving categories include Copper Partners ($2,500-4,999), Bronze Partners ($5,000-$24,999), Silver Partners ($25,000-$99,999), Gold Partners ($100,000-$499,999), Diamond Partners ($500,000-$999,999), and Platinum Partners ($1,000,000+).

Service League - "A Star is Born"

To symbolize new life and your baby being born at Phelps Memorial, the PMHC Service League created a "Star is Born" wall with sparkling stars located near the nursing waiting area. For a donation of $50 or more, you will receive a shining star that will be prominently displayed on the wall with your baby's name, date of birth, and picture. Proceeds from the program benefit the Phelps Memorial Hospital Foundation. In addition, if you submit a photo, your new bundle of joy will be featured on Phelps Memorial Health Center social media platforms.

For more information or to receive "A Star is Born" brochure, please contact Keri Berry at or 308.995.2948.

How to Apply for a Grant