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Phelps Memorial Health Center recently completed an assessment of health needs for residents in Phelps County. The hospital developed a plan for using its services to respond to the significant community needs identified in the report. A copy of the report is available for your review on our web site and is available for inspection and copying in the admissions offices at the hospital M-F, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Phelps Memorial Health Center will revise its implementation efforts each year and undertake a new study to revise this report every three years. Your review is encouraged; submission of comments for consideration is welcomed. An email can be submitted to with comments and suggestions. Please take the time to review the needs identified in the report and help the hospital take actions to make improvements resulting in Phelps County being an increasingly healthy place to live.

To access the full 2023-2025 report, please click here.

To access the full 2020-2022 report, please click here.

To access the full 2016-2019 report, please click here.

To access the 2013-2016 report, please click here.