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History of Phelps Memorial Health Center

In 1962, an ad hoc committee was loosely formed to determine the interests in the community for health care. This first committee quickly grew into a more formal group called the Hospital Study Committee. This group worked to begin the fundraising for the new hospital.

The Phelps County Memorial Hospital Association held its first board of directors meeting in March 1963. The board determined that the 12 directors on the board must be a good representation of every town in Phelps County. This remains true today.

The ground-breaking was held in July 1966 and construction began. In April 1968, Dr. Walter Reiner was elected president of the newly formed medical staff, with Dr. Donald Jones vice president, and Dr. Robert D. Anderson as secretary.

When Phelps Memorial Health Center opened its doors in 1968, 64 people were employed. Rex Kelly led hospital operations for 25 years. Since his retirement, three chief executive officers, including Mark Harrel currently, selflessly led our team to what it has become today.

Now, Phelps Memorial Health Center employs over 300 healthcare professionals and contracts with an additional 150 to provide over 100 healthcare services for our patients and customers. Our growth is attributed to the continued support and commitment of the residents of Phelps County, who have worked to ensure we remain a strong partner in our community.