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The highly trained obstetrics nursing team at Phelps Memorial are also certified in lactation counseling services. This involves assisting mothers with guidance in nursing techniques, as well as correcting issues such as pain while breastfeeding, latch issues, baby weight gain problems, tongue-tie, over or under supply of breastmilk, pumping, mastitis or other tissue trauma, and more.

Our very own Dr. Danika Peterson is also highly trained in breastfeeding and lactation consultation services, and is available to consult on any breastfeeding issues that may arise.

We provide services from pregnancy throughout the entire breast-feeding journey. Whether you plan to breast-feed one day, one month, one year, or longer, we are here to support your goals. Consider reaching out to PMHC for a lactation consultation if you think you could benefit from any of the following services:

•    Prenatal lactation consultation
•    Latch difficulties
•    Breast or nipple pain
•    Plugged ducts or mastitis
•    Positioning techniques
•    Tongue ties and lip ties
•    Oversupply or under supply
•    Poor weight gain for baby
•    Medication safety consultation
•    Nursing aversion
•    Choosing a breast pump
•    Operating your breast pump 
•    Flange fittings 
•    Exclusive pumping
•    Returning to work
•    Tandem nursing
•    Extended breast-feeding

Please call 308.995.2211 with any questions or to schedule a session with one of our lactation specialists.