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Our cardiopulmonary services offer comprehensive inpatient and outpatient services. Including in-hospital care providing treatment for disorders related to the pulmonary system and delivering life-saving interventions in the emergency room, assisting in the overall care of the patient.

Common services are all modalities respiratory therapy, such as aerosolized and inhaled medication delivery, ventilator support, BIPAP/CPAP application and monitoring, EKG, EEG, pulmonary function testing, pulmonary rehab, and sleep studies.

Our Respiratory Therapists are board certified through the National Board of Respiratory Care and are members of the American Association of Respiratory Care (AARC).

Office Hours:
Regular hours are Monday - Sunday 6:00 AM - 6:30 PM
On-call hours are 6:30 PM - 6:00 AM

During regular hours call 308.995.2836, after hours call 308.995.2211.