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As a community supported, non-profit organization, Phelps Memorial Health Center reinvests its earnings after expenses back into the community. We provide care to the poor and underserved through our Financial Assistance program. Other community benefits include injury and illness prevention, early detection of disease, and offering social aid. All year long, the Phelps Memorial Team reaches out to the community in a variety of ways to cultivate a healthy place to live and raise families. The Phelps Memorial Foundation grants funds to non-profit organizations to serve the health and safety needs of our community. To apply for a grant, visit our Foundation page.

2020 Community Benefits Report

Phelps Memorial Foundation Funding // $69,940
•    Don Sjogren Community YMCA – $4,008 
•    Grandma’s Snack Packs - $1,000
•    Backpack Blessings - $1,000
•    Bertrand Nursing Home Assisted Living - $2,000
•    Bertrand Volunteer Fire Department - $2,343
•    Loomis Rural Volunteer Fire Department – $1,000
•    Funk Rural Volunteer Fire Department - $1,000
•    Holdrege Rural Fire Department - $2,000
•    Christian Charity Fund - $3,000
•    Crime Stoppers of Holdrege/Phelps County - $500
•    Family Advocacy Network - $3,210.40
•    Holdrege Memorial Homes - $5,000
•    Holdrege Police Department - $2,090
•    L2 For Kids - $500
•    Mosaic - $1,000
•    Holdrege Optimist Club - $1,000
•    Phelps Community Pantry - $3,000
•    Phelps County Blood Mobile - $1,000
•    Phelps County Senior Center - $1,000
•    S.A.F.E. Center - $5,698
•    South Central Area Recovery - $2,500
•    South Platte Youth Athletic Fund - $1,000
•    Teammates - $1,000
•    Christian Homes - $2,000
•    Phelps County Development Corporation - $20,000 
•    CASA - $2,090

Assessment Top 5 (2020-2022)


  • Relay for Life

  • American Cancer Society

  • Colorectal Cancer Screening

  • Early Detection and Support

  • Screening, Prevention & Genetics

Heart Disease

  • Go Red For Women

  • Life Sustaining Classes (BLS Healthcare Provider, Heartsaver CPR/AED, Pediatric First Aid, PALS and ACLS Training

  • Cardiac Rehabilitation

  • Cardiology Community Education

  • Don Sjogren Community YMCA

  • Bertrand Volunteer Fire Department

  • Holdrege Fire/Rescue Department

  • Holdrege Rural Fire Department

  • Phelps County Red Cross

Mental Health

  • South Central Area Recovery


  • Immunization Clinic Host

  • Backpack Blessings

  • Family Advocacy Network

  • L2 For Kids

  • Holdrege Optimist Club

  • Phelps Community Pantry

  • S.A.F.E. Center

  • Toys for Tots

  • Collage


  • Alzheimer’s Association 

  • Holdrege Memorial Homes

  • Christian Homes

  • Phelps County Senior Center



  • Nebraska Kidney Association

  • Nebraska Kidney Association Walk

  • Simple Solutions

  • Diabetes Education

  • Applefest


Physical Activity & Obesity/Overweight
  • Don Sjogren Community YMCA

  • MS Run the US

  • Cheer & Dance Clinic

  • Alzheimer’s Association Walk

  • Phelps Memorial Charity Golf Tournament

  • Silver Run

  • Nebraska Kidney Association Walk

  • Holdrege Optimist Club

  • School Beef Programs


Other Local Non-profits

  • Youth Scholarships

  • Teammates

  • State Troopers Association

  • Phelps County Community Foundation

  • Post-Proms, Yearbooks

  • Safe Communities Coalition

  • Harlan County Dam Playhouse

  • Make-a-Wish Foundation

  • Bertrand Chamber of Commerce

  • Phelps County Community Pantry

  • Phelps County 4-H Auction

  • Loomis Community Club

  • Phelps County Emergency Management

  • Ministerial Association

  • Fundraisers for County residents

  • Crime Stoppers

  • Holdrege Police Department

  • Holdrege Veteran's Memorial Project

Charity Care & Financial Assistance // $1,394,651

  • Financial Assistance - It is the policy of Phelps Memorial Health Center to provide financial assistance to qualifying patients with their outstanding bills for medically necessary and emergency care provided at the hospital.

Community Educational Events

Due to restrictions as a result of COVID-19, community educational events were very limited in 2020.  We were happy to offer the following as restrictions allowed:  

  • Cancer Prevention

  • Diabetes Health

  • Stroke Prevention

Hosted Groups at Phelps Memorial

Due to visitor restrictions as a result of COVID-19, hosted groups were very limited in 2020.  We were happy to offer space for the following as restrictions allowed: 

  • Monthly Immunization Clinic

  • Simple Solutions Class

  • Ministerial Association Meeting (hosted off site)

  • CPR Classes

Maternal and Infant Health

  • Prenatal Classes (BABE) - The obstetrics nursing team offers Birth and Beginnings Education (BABE) to expecting parents and their children. These classes entail breastfeeding awareness and education as well as what to expect when they come to the hospital to have their baby.

Health and Wellness

  • Team Phelps Health & Wellness Initiatives - Throughout the year, Phelps Memorial participated in multiple physical events that benefited the community through monetary support including the sponsorship of the 2018 Silver Run. 

  • YMCA Corporate Membership - Phelps Memorial pays a corporate membership so our employees have proper access to living a healthy and active lifestyle. In 2018, 181 of our team members actively participated at the YMCA. 

  • Employee Health Testing - To ensure our employees remain as healthy as possible for the safety of our patients, every member of the team is required to get their flu shot or wear a mask during peak flu season!

Heart Health

  • Life-Sustaining Classes - Courses offered at Phelps Memorial include BLS Healthcare Provider training, Heartsaver CPR/AED and Pediatric First Aid training, PALS and ACLS training.

  • Cardiac Rehabilitation 

  • EMS Training 

Healthcare Students

Phelps Memorial hosted 135 healthcare students, including nursing, pharmacy, physician assistant, speech-language pathology, medical, advance practice registered nursing, imaging, EMT, and job shadowing in 2020.

Quality Healthcare Initiatives

  • Lean Process Improvements

  • Infection Prevention

  • Key Quality Indicators

Youth Safety and Education

  • Safe Communities Coalition 
  • Planning Region Team Meeting EDN