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Team Tale

Phelps Memorial Health Center hosted the Annual Service League Volunteer luncheon for league members during National Volunteer Week. 

Linda Black, Service League President, welcomed guests to the event. She gave an overview of the fundraising events in the past year and shared opportunities that volunteers can volunteer at the hospital.

Ivalene Simmons, Service League Treasurer, presented a $6,000 check to the hospital for the annual donation. The Service League Board selected items for two departments of the hospital.

Tracie Elliott, Director of Imaging, thanked the league for funds that will purchase two items for the imaging department. Items include a mammography positioning chair which is a high-back hydraulic chair that will help position patients. This type of chair is designed for patient comfort and is also helpful for elderly patients or those who have trouble standing. Funds will also purchase a vein finder that will help locate veins accurately for procedures such as IV insertion and blood draws.

“Thank you for your gift, both items will help with patient comfort while in the imaging department,” she said.

Lacey Keeshan, Director of Inpatient Nursing, thanked attendees for their gracious gift of funding for a Sara Stedy which is a transfer aid for patients. The device will enable a single caregiver to assist patients with sit-to-stand transfers. 

Lacey said, “This will help nurses protect their backs and be another option to safely transfer patients to and from bed, down the hallway, and more.”

During the luncheon, officers for the upcoming year were voted upon.  Patsy Johnson will serve as the president.  Other officers for the ensuing year include Marilyn Lien, secretary; Ivalene Simmons, treasurer; Shirley Butz, assistant treasurer; Mim Hazlett, membership chairman; and Linda Black, past president. 

Standing committees elected included: Keri Berry, admissions desk volunteers; Lois Dick, OR desk volunteers; Sylvia Person, scholarship; Joanne Olson, tray favors; Marilyn Lein and Sue Waller, decorating; Michele High, auditing; and Shirley Butz, nominating committee.

Several volunteers received special recognition and awards for their service hours by Mim Hazlett, membership chairman. Those included: Julie Billeter, 40 hours; Carolyn Patterson, 40 hours; Darla Travis, 100 hours; Barb Hartzog, 200 hours; Kathy Canada, 500 hours; Linda Liljehorn, 500 hours; Sue Waller, 600 hours; Pat Waller, 1000 hours; Joane Olson, 1300 hours; Ingrid Person, 1300 hours; Mim Hazlett, 1400 hours; and Lois Dick, 4000 hours.

A total of 2,393 hours were donated by members in 2023. The total recorded volunteer hours accumulated since inception is 162,453.5.

Mark Harrel, CEO, thanked the Service League and told them “We are truly appreciative of the hours you commit to the hospital and what you do for our team and our patients.”  He added, “You help carry out our mission and your small acts of kindness and volunteerism make a big impact.”

Linda Black, Service League President, said “Reach out and encourage others you know of others who may be considering volunteer possibilities and not be aware of the Service League.” 

She explained that every hour of volunteer time that gets reported at year’s end adds up and a portion of this money is dedicated to student scholarships to help support future healthcare workers. Each year, two Phelps Memorial Service League Medical Scholarships are awarded to students in college or trade schools, pursuing a degree in a medical field. The Service League Medical Scholarship is in its 49th year and has awarded 78 students scholarships. This past year’s scholarship winners were Keara Miller (chiropractic) and Kassidy Drain (nursing).

Mike Pelster, Phelps Memorial Board of Directors President, thanked service league members for their time and dedication to the hospital. He said, “We can’t all do big things, but we can do small things with great love.” 



Annual Donation – The annual donation from the Phelps Memorial Service League to Phelps Memorial Health Center was presented at the Annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon. The Service League donated $6,000 for the purchase of a mammography positioning chair, vein finder, and Sara Stedy transfer aid for patients. Pictured from left are: Lacey Keeshan,Tracie Elliott, Ivalene Simmons, Mark Harrel, and Mike Pelster