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Phelps Memorial Health Center offers continuous glucose monitoring for assessing glycemic variability. Continuous glucose monitoring can help you lower your A1c and decrease hypoglycemia. The continuous glucose monitor is placed on you at Phelps Memorial Health Center through the Diabetes program and worn for 10-14 days. 

Unlike a single reading from a blood glucose meter, continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) provides dynamic information about the direction of glucose change, giving you continuous and timely feedback on nutrition, activity, and insulin requirements to help make informed diabetes treatment decisions. CGM is a powerful therapy management tool that can provide better diabetes treatment decisions, ultimately leading to tighter glycemic control than using a blood glucose meter alone. 

Phelps Memorial can also assist you with obtaining your own personal glycemic glucose monitoring device. Contact your medical provider or call Jenny Spaulding, RN, CDCES, at 308.995.2848