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Holdrege Rotarians learned about Golf Fitness Evaluations from Dusty Frasier, PT, Phelps Memorial Therapy Center. 

Dusty is trained in the Titleist Performance Institute’s program to conduct this detailed assessment and care plan. He can identify any physical restrictions that may be limiting a player’s performance.

“The whole idea is to help people’s golf game,” he said. “It is generally for the non-injured golfer to see how they move with an 11-step evaluation.”

He added that he also sees injured golfers or those recovering from surgery to get them back in the game. 

He demonstrated a portion of the evaluation on Luke Deaver, Rotarian, and said “One thing we look for is range of motion.”

Dusty said that once evaluated, a specific workout program is designed for the golfer that will target any deficiencies they have.  

The golf assessment program helps golfers improve their flexibility, power, and strength.

  • The golf fitness evaluation can offer a comprehensive health and wellness approach to golfers of any age and skill level to help them achieve their goals.
  • This program can show golfers which muscles are weak and which muscles need to be strengthened to strengthen their golf game.
  • The program includes screenings, injury evaluation, rehabilitation, and fitness programs centered around each specific player.

One Rotarian asked, “What is one of the main issues you see when people come to you?”  Dusty told the audience that the majority of cases deal with balance, but there are lots of factors that can create that.”

Ryan Bauer was in charge of the Rotary program. Ryan has a special interest in golf because his son, Blare, is completing an internship in Massachusetts and will graduate as PGA Golf Professional next year.

Pictured: Dusty is shown conducting a flexibility test with Luke Deaver, Rotarian.