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Tonja Hawley, pharmacist
In The News
Phelps Memorial Health Center is pleased to announce that Tonja Hawley, Pharm. D., RPh, has been hired as a pharmacist. She completed her undergraduate studies Colorado State University and received...
EVS Staff
In The News
It’s Environmental Services Week. We could give you statistics, and all sorts of facts about the importance of cleanliness in the healthcare setting, but you probably already know that. Our EVS staff...
Operating Room
In The News
I thought I’d see demanding doctors yelling for scalpels and gauze all over the floor. After all, I’ve never missed an episode of Grey’s Anatomy! Instead, my recent observation of pain management and...
PMHC Website on Phone
In The News
Phelps Memorial Health Center and Phelps Medical Group are proud to launch our redesigned websites, and . We have redesigned them with our patients...
Dr. Green and Dr. Dunder
In The News
Phelps Memorial Health Center (PMHC), Holdrege, has announced they are expanding oncology and hematology services to continue to meet patient needs in the area.
Friends and Family Portal
In The News
Friends and family of patients at Phelps Memorial Health Center can now stay informed on the care of their loved ones, even when they can't be at the hospital.
Rotary Egger Fries
Holdrege Rotarians learned about the importance of antibiotic stewardship and how antibiotics effect us both positively and negatively. Zach Egger, DO, told the Rotary Club that antibiotic use is a...
Meyer Baby
In The News
The due date for Crystal and Ben Meyer’s fourth child was March 9, 2019. But, their baby boy came a little sooner than expected. Crystal gave birth to her son on the side of the road while family was...
Marketing Team
Team Tale
Effective communication is the backbone of success. The Marketing Team at Phelps Memorial Health Center is well-versed in the art of communication. Together, they all work to educate our community,...