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Friends and Family Portal

Friends and family of patients at Phelps Memorial Health Center can now stay informed on the care of their loved ones, even when they can't be at the hospital.

A new friends and family portal is available to view and stay informed on the care of a hospitalized loved one.  The information presented in this portal comes from hourly rounds made on patients by the nurses caring for them.  Hourly rounding is the process in which Phelps Memorial nurses routinely enter a patient's room to assess the patient's personal needs.

For those who have had a loved one in the hospital for any length of time, the stresses of not being able to be at their side can be overwhelming.  That feeling is magnified when that loved one is miles or states away.  The friends and family portal is designed to provide quick, secure and real-time updates to family members anywhere with access to the web.  Family members can simply go to and enter their access code.

Miki Nichols, Nursing Manager, stated, "Family members that are unable to come visit are able to log on to the system.  It gives them peace of mind to know what is happening with their loved one."  She added, "We round hourly, but be assured our team will respond quickly anytime there is a patient need."

The portal is a great tool to facilitate family communication, which can positively impact a patient's experience.