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Often, men can be the biggest obstacle to their own well-being. Some refuse to see a medical provider and often fail to keep up with preventative screenings, but during National Men’s Health Month, they are encouraged to make their health a priority.

Many health conditions can be detected early with regular checkups and screenings from a healthcare provider.

“Sometimes making that initial preventative check-up is the first step to either staying on the right path or getting headed to the right path,” said Zach Egger, D.O., Phelps Medical Group. He added, “Several areas of health relate to one another and if we can prevent a problem before it starts you’ll be ahead of the game.”

Dr. Egger encourages regular checkups for men and that they learn their family health history.

"Many men avoid seeking medical care because they fear negative outcomes or think their condition will improve on its own,” he said

Many times men may have one thing concerning them and in reality, there can be underlying issues causing it.  Phelps Medical Group can help with a complete health evaluation and make sure men are up to date on screenings and understanding any underlying health issues. 

According to Dr. Egger, major areas of concern he sees for men are prostate problems, heart disease, cholesterol levels, and hypertension, among other health issues. 

With June as National Men’s Health Month, men are urged to schedule their preventative check-up. Contact Phelps Medical Group, 308-995-6111 to schedule an appointment.

“We want to help our patients and their long-term health,” said Dr. Egger. “A routine physical is a great place to start.”