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Marlene Williams, EMT, Phelps Memorial Emergency Services, was recently awarded the winner of the Caring Kind Award at Phelps Memorial Health Center.

For 44 years, The Caring Kind award has been given to Nebraska’s most caring and compassionate hospital employees.

The Caring Kind Award is an honor through the Nebraska Hospital Association (NHA) that recognizes healthcare employees who have risen to the top by providing service excellence and dedication to their profession. Award recipients commit themselves to the betterment of their hospitals, their patients, their co-workers, and their communities.   

Tesha Broadfoot, Chief Nursing Officer, said “Marlene often receives praise from fellow teammates who say she’s a calming presence on the scene in a time of crisis and she puts her whole heart into everything she does.”

Marlene Williams is well respected by her team at Phelps Memorial and area volunteer squads in our region. She is passionate about ensuring area first responders receive continuing education. Each year she plans, and provides a mass casualty training for not only Phelps Memorial’s EMS squad, but surrounding volunteer squads as well. This training is a great learning experience for all involved.

Marlene has committed her life to helping others 40 years ago when she took the EMT course. She has worked at Phelps Memorial for six years. Before that she was a volunteer on the Loomis Fire and Rescue squad.

Tesha stated, “She’s also a great teammate. We are so lucky to know and work with such a bright light for others.”  She added, “Phelps Memorial is proud to recognize Marlene as an outstanding teammate who has made a tremendous difference in the lives of patients she cares for, fellow teammates, area first responders, and our hospital.”

Marlene will represent Phelps Memorial Heath Center at the Nebraska Hospital Association annual luncheon later in October.