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In obstetrics, accurate and timely communication among the medical team is critical because things can change quickly.  Phelps Memorial Health Center has recently added the Centricity Perinatal monitoring system which is a tool that helps streamline processes and procedures by making it easier for care teams to document, communicate, and access patient information. The system identifies and analyzes patient’s health information and medical data and provides insights that can feel like an extra set of eyes for the medical providers and nursing team.

The technology allows physicians quick access to the fetal strip from any location in the hospital, their clinic office, or remotely via a secure connection. The Centricity Perinatal software can help clinicians make better decisions with more accurate data. Because data and fetal strip assessment are easily accessible and sharable between the medical team there are faster response times.

Danika Peterson, M.D., Phelps Medical Group, stated “This system will give me assurance that while I’m seeing patients in clinic, I can still monitor my OB patients throughout their labor and have instant feedback of how things are going.” 

Another important factor is increased patient safety because nurses now can view fetal strips as part of the overall medical record.  On-demand information about a patient is provided and is retroactive and supports pattern recognition, such as changes in fetal heart rate, at the bedside which would spot potential issues or prevent them before they ever even happen. 

Physicians and nurses can chart and document in the same system and able to go back and look at documentation at a moment’s notice.

“It gives me peace of mind that I can see the strip at any monitor,” said Mattie Sander, RN. “I can chart minute to minute which helps me keep ahead and allows me more dedicated time to my patients.” 

Because of how the system is designed, it reduces the amount of charting that was done in the past.  In turn, this allows our care team more time with our new mom’s to help make their delivery the best experience possible.

 “As a nurse manager, knowing that my staff can chart real-time right at the bedside in Centricity Perinatal is a huge factor for us.  We love this system because of the ease of use for our nursing team and the fact that physicians can have the data at their fingertips” said Miki Nichols, RN, Director of ED, EMS, OB, PCC.

She added, “This system is a tool that gives us additional valuable time with our patients.”


Mattie Sander, RN, and Miki Nichols, RN, Director of ED, EMS, OB, PCC are shown documenting on Phelps Memorial Health Center’s perinatal monitoring system.