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Miki Nichols, RN, and Lori Fuller, RN

Nursing leadership roles at Phelps Memorial Health Center have recently changed with the transition of positions of Miki Nichols, RN, and Lori Fuller, RN.

Miki Nichols, RN, will serve as the Director of ED, EMS, OB, and PCC at Phelps Memorial.   She has been in the nursing department for 28 years and been in a nursing leadership role for the past 15 years.

Miki stated, “Working at PMHC for as long as I have and being able to learn and grow throughout the years has been a great journey.  I’ve been able to watch our team and facility advance in the healthcare world which has been awesome experience.  I continue to learn and grow each day.” 

Mrs. Nichols previously led the ED, EMS, OB, MS and SCU departments and will now lead teammates from the ER, EMS, OB, and Patient Care Coordinators departments.

She noted, “This transition will allow me to work side by side with Lori Fuller, RN, in her new role.  She’s been my right arm as a supervisor for several years.” 

Lori Fuller, RN, will serve as the Director of Inpatient Nursing (Med/Surg/Specialty Care Unit).   She began at Phelps Memorial as a student nurse through University of Nebraska Medical Center.  She has been a member of Team Phelps for 20 years in the med/surg department and a nursing supervisor for the past five years.

Mrs. Fuller said, “I have been very fortunate to have been involved in so many roles here at Phelps.  I am anxious to be the director for inpatient (Med/Surg & SCU) as we learn new things every day.”

She noted that her team strives to provide the very best care for the patients they serve. “We have an awesome team at Phelps and I am so proud to work here and be a part of all the many great things that we do, for our patients, and for each other as co-workers,” she said.

Mrs. Fuller added, “Phelps Memorial has been my whole career, I couldn’t see myself anywhere else.  Miki has been one of the great mentors over the years and working so closely with her has helped me be the leader I am today.”

Mrs. Nichols said, “I’m excited for both of us to continue to learn and grow together with our nursing team.”