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Fiscal Services Team

The technical definition of fiscal, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is transactions relate to financial matters (Merriam-Website, 2019). The Phelps Memorial Fiscal Services Team is so much more than their technical definition. They are charged with ensuring our entire organization is in top-notch financial condition.

Lindsay Sullivan, Fiscal Services Leader, loves that she constantly gets to learn new things at Phelps Memorial. Prior to her Phelps Memorial career, Lindsay worked at an auditing firm specializing in healthcare finance. Her experience has carried over into her work at our organization. She strives to have zero audit adjustments annually!!

Other members of the Fiscal Services Team include Lona Dahlgren (15-year teammate) and Carol Huston (16-year teammate). According to Lona, the best part of the day is when she gets to analyze information. In healthcare, there is never a shortage of information to analyze!! Carol’s main responsibility is accounts payable and assisting department leaders with issues on a day-to-day basis.

Every member of the Fiscal Services Team said that they chose to work at Phelps Memorial because of the great culture and opportunity to be a part of a progressive, stable business. They enjoy playing the financial supporting role in our mission to save lives.