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The Phelps Memorial Therapy Center is now offering specialized therapy for women. Occupational therapist, Sarah Rimpley, specializes in women's health and, as of recently, is a certified pregnancy and postpartum corrective exercise specialist. With her new training and skills, Sarah can assist women having pregnancy or postpartum issues and give them full confidence through a wide range of exercises.

Rimpley offers therapy techniques to address diastasis recti, abdominal muscle separation, painful intercourse, low back pain, prolapse, pelvic pain, urinary frequency, and scar management. She can also provide therapeutic treatment for musculoskeletal issues and breathwork to help prepare for birth.

Rimpley became a certified pregnancy and postpartum corrective exercise specialist after becoming a mom herself and noticing changes of her own and not knowing how to appropriately manage issues.

With this new service, Rimpley hopes to help women prepare for the physical demands of delivery and get them back on track following delivery.

"Any pregnant or postpartum woman would benefit from therapy to talk about very basic things such as breathwork, posture, and how to keep your abdominals and strength strong during pregnancy and postpartum," said Rimpley. "We can help get your body back to feeling normal and make sure you don't have any pain and can manage any scars you may have."

Phelps Memorial is thrilled to offer this service locally and be able to offer women treatment plans to meet their specific needs and goals.

A referral from a physician is required. Contact Sarah at the Phelps Memorial Therapy Center at 995.2865 for more information or if you have any questions.