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Phelps Memorial Health Center hosted the Annual Service League Volunteer luncheon for league members during National Volunteer Week.

Terry Krohn, Service League President, welcomed guests to the event.  She said, “The pandemic modified the way we functioned in the past year, but we are thankful we were able to volunteer again at the hospital with new requirements.”  She said the league was also able to host fundraisers again this past year including the Tour of Homes.

Mark Harrel, CEO, thanked the Service League for their commitment and told members: “We are truly appreciative of the hours you commit to the hospital and what you do for our team and our patients.” 

Mark told Service League members, “Our team is committed to focusing on the customer journey and making sure we take care of our patients, visitors, guests, and each other. And we are grateful you are a part of this and have our same vision.”

During the luncheon, officers for the upcoming year were voted upon. Linda Black will serve as the president. Other officers for the ensuing year include Marilyn Lien, secretary; Ivalene Simmons, treasurer; Shirley Butz, assistant treasurer; Mim Hazlett, membership chairman; and Terry Krohn, past president. 

Standing committees elected included: Keri Berry, admissions desk volunteers; Marilyn Lien and Lois Dick, OR desk volunteers; Joanne Olson, tray favors; Darlene Thalken, sewing; Marilyn Lien and Sue Waller, decorating; Michele High, auditing, and Shirley Butz, nominating committee.

Several volunteers received special recognition and awards for their service hours by Mim Hazlett, membership chairman.  Those included: 100 hours: Ivalene Simmons; 1,000 hours: Ingrid Person and Mim Hazlett; 1,100 hours: JoAnne Olson; 1,500 hours: Pat Reeser; and 3,000 hours: Lois Dick.

A total of 1,665 hours were donated by members in 2021 which was for approximately half a year due to the pandemic. Total recorded volunteer hours accumulated since inception are 158,029.

Terry Krohn, Service League President, said “What we do is important. Not just for us, but to the staff, our patients, and our community.”

Marlene Williams, EMT-B, and Miki Nichols, Director of ED/EMS/OB/PCC, accepted the annual donation from the Ivalene Simmons, treasurer. They thanked the Service League for their gracious gift of $4,000 that is designated to the purchase of four fire-dex suits.

Marlene said, “This is huge. We can never thank you enough. This is protection for us.”

Marlene explained that the fire suits are used for extrication on scene of a vehicle crash, fire rescues, and more. The suits are fireproof and great protection for the emergency services team.

Natalie Nelson, PMHC Board of Directors President, thanked Service League members for their time and dedication to the hospital, as well as their commitment and care to patients. “You help us carry out our mission and you make a difference,” she said. “Our hospital wouldn’t be what it is without the people that we have – that goes for our physicians, our administration, our staff, and certainly goes to you, our volunteers.”

“The last couple of years have been challenging.  We thank you for navigating through it with us,” she said. 

Service League Member 2022 Luncheon


natalie mark and terry at 2022 SL luncheon


SL members smiling at 2022 SL luncheon


marlene speaking at 2022 service league luncheon


Service League Member 2022 Luncheon 2


Service League Member 2022 Luncheon 3