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Phelps Memorial Health Center hosted the Annual Service League Volunteer luncheon for league members during National Volunteer Week. 

Terry Krohn, Service League President, welcomed guests to the event.  She said, “The pandemic changed the past year for the Service League” and that the league is looking forward to hosting events and volunteering for the hospital again in 2021.

Mark Harrel, CEO, thanked the Service League for their commitment and told members “we are truly appreciative of the hours they commit to the hospital.” He added, “We haven’t had many of you in the building for quite some time volunteering and we’ve missed you.” 

Standing committees elected included: RoseAnn Swanson, public relations; Keri Berry, admissions desk volunteers; Marilyn Lien and Lois Dick, OR desk volunteers; Rhonda Johnson, scholarship; Pat Reeser  and Shirley Butz, Gift Shoppe; RoseAnn Swanson, historian; Joanne Olson, tray favors; Darlene Thalken, sewing; Marilyn Lien, Marietta Dreiling and Sue Waller, decorating; and Lois Dick and Julie Freburg, nominating committee.

A number of volunteers received special recognition and awards for their volunteer hours by Mim Hazlett, membership chairman.  Those included: 100 hours: Rhonda Johnson; 300 hours: Kathy Canada and Sue Waller; 400 hours: Shirley Butz; 650 hours: Rosanne Swanson; 900 hours: Mim Hazlett and Ingrid Person; 1,000 hours: Joanne Olson and Darlene Thalken; 1,200 hours: Barb Allen and Lois Jurgens; 1,300 hours: Pat Reeser; 1,600 hours: Sharon Kreutzer; 2,500 hours: Lois Dick; 10,500 hours: Marilyn Lien.

A total of 785 hours were donated by members in 2020 which was significantly lowered than years past due to the pandemic. Total recorded volunteer hours accumulated since inception are 156,354.

Terry Krohn, Service League President, said “What we do is important. Not just for us, but to the staff, our patients, and our community.”

Kyle Minnick, Director of Phelps Memorial Therapy Services noted that one of the needs they had in therapy was a new service line for pelvic floor therapy and thanked the Service League for their gracious gift of a bio-feedback machine that the Service League purchased.

Sarah Rimpley, OT, explained that the biofeedback machine is used in pelvic floor therapy to measure muscle activation.

“The machine provides visual and auditory feedback for the patient and the therapist to know when the patient is activating or squeezing their muscles to help strengthening the muscle contraction,” she said.

She added, “At times patients also have difficulty relaxing their pelvic floor muscles so this helps the patient better understand and see when their muscles are actually relaxing versus remaining in a tense contraction.”

Lauren Erickson, OT, noted that this piece of equipment can be used on various age groups and used for men or women.  Pelvic floor therapy can treat urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, diastasis Reci, pelvic pain conditions and general pelvic pain. 

Ryan Bauer, PMHC Board of Directors President, addressed members and said, “Volunteerism is one of the most selfless acts that we can become involved in.”  He added, “You help carry out our mission and make a difference to our team, patients, and guests.” 

Mr. Bauer reminisced about story of his grandmother who was a candy striper. He said, “Red and white uniforms have faded, but volunteer force is still strong.” 

He told those in attendance that often his grandma took him and his brothers to the hospital as children and they would sit and stay busy while his grandma sat at the front desk and served her time as a volunteer. He said that in today’s world, we still see volunteers, but some of it is fading in some organizations.

“You are truly mentors in our community and to your family,” he said. “I encourage you to share with your young family members the importance of giving back so we can keep volunteerism strong in our community.”

PICTURE: The annual donation from the Phelps Memorial Service League to Phelps Memorial Health Center was presented at the Annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon. The Service League donated $2,100 for the purchase of a biofeedback machine that will be used for pelvic floor therapy at Phelps Memorial Therapy Services. Pictured from left are: Mark Harrel, Phelps Memorial Health Center CEO, Terry Krohn Service League President; Ivalene Simmons, Service League Treasurer; Kyle Minnick, Therapy Services Director, Sarah Rimpley, OT, Ryan Bauer, Board of Directors President, and Lauren Erickson, OT.