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The Phelps Memorial Health Center Specialty Clinic will see patients in their new location tentatively beginning October 18, 2023.

An open house for the new space was held on Oct. 4 to allow community members to see the new 13,038 sq. ft space featuring 13 exam rooms and four procedure rooms. 

Eric Hruska, Director of Specialty Clinics, said “The new specialty clinic area is located on the second story of Phelps Medical Group.  Phelps Medical Group construction was completed in 2020, but the second story was left as a shell space designed for future expansion. The time has come to utilize this space for the growth of services for our community.”

A wide variety of specialty providers host clinics and perform surgery at Phelps Memorial Health Center. 

Eric said, “Our partnerships with medical providers in many specialty areas make it convenient for our patients to see a specialist close to home.”

He added, “Our team of specialty providers offers services including urology, ENT, cardiology, general surgery, podiatry, gastroenterology, psychiatry, pulmonology, and more.   Our local primary care providers work closely with all specialty providers to coordinate care for our patients.”

Specialists that will utilize this clinic space will be:

Bruce Koefoot, MD Urology

Matthew Johnson, MD, ENT

Douglas Kosmicki, MD, Cardiology

Clyde Meckel, MD, Cardiology

Matthew Stritt, MD, Pulmonology

Kalpesh Ganatra, MD, Pulmonology

Imtiaz Islam, MD, Nephrology/Pulmonology

Brady O’Hare, MD, General Surgery

Garrett Pohlman, MD, Urology

Jeffery Cloud, MD, Gastroenterology

Ashley Tejral, APRN, Psychiatry

Kendee Coster, PA-C, General Surgery

Angie Howard, APRN, Gastroenterology

Russell Carlston, DPM, Podiatry

Mathue Baker, MD Cardiology

Scott Ballinger, MD, ENT