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It’s summertime and we need to be extra cautious of our young bike riders and pedestrians.

 Summer Safety Tips for Drivers:

  • Be alert, especially in residential areas.
  • Expect the unexpected.
  • Obey all laws.
  • Be predictable.
  • Double-check behind you and around you when backing out of a driveway or parking space.
  • Don't be distracted.
  • Yield the right of way to pedestrians.

Bike riding is a lot of fun, it great exercise, but accidents happen. The safest way to use your bike is to get places, not to play. Every year, lots of kids need to see their doctor or go to the emergency room because of bike injuries.

Important things you can do to keep your child safe are: 

  • Have your child wear a helmet every time he or she rides a bike—no exceptions.  Wearing a helmet that fits well every time you're on a bike helps protect your face, head, and brain if you fall down. That's why it's so important to wear your bike helmet whenever you are on a bike. Just like the bike they ride, it should be the right size and not one the “will grow into.”
  • Teach your child the rules of the road to keep him or her safe while riding on the street.
  • Make sure your child’s bike is kept in good working order.
  • Teach your child safe control of the bicycle.  Both hands should be kept on the bike’s handlebars. Books and other items should be carried in a backpack or a basket. And only one person should ride a bike at a time—no exceptions.
  • Make sure your child never wears headphones while riding. Your child needs to be able to hear oncoming traffic.

Teach your children rules of the road:

  • Always ride with hands on the handlebars.
  • Always stop and check for traffic in both directions when leaving a driveway, an alley, or a curb.
  • Cross at intersections. When pulling out between parked cars, drivers can't see you coming.
  • Walk the bike across busy intersections using the crosswalk and following traffic signals.
  • Ride on the right-hand side of the street, so you travel in the same direction as cars do. Never ride against traffic.
  • Don't ride too close to parked cars. Doors can open suddenly.
  • Stop at all stop signs and obey traffic lights just as cars do.
  • Teach children the signal for turns: Hand signals are like turn signals and brake lights for bikers. It helps cars and trucks know what you will do next so they don't run into you. Don't change directions or lanes without first looking behind you, and always use the correct signals.

Use your left arm for all signals:

  • Left turn: After checking behind you, hold your arm straight out to the left and ride forward slowly.
  • Stop: After checking behind you, bend your elbow, pointing your arm downward in an upside down "L" shape and come to a stop.
  • Right turn: After checking behind you, bend your elbow, holding your arm up in an "L" shape, and ride forward slowly. (Or, hold your right arm straight out from your side.)

Thanks for reading about bike safety and keeping our riders safe this summer!